Due to SA’s current lockdown, applications for COVID – Intergenerational Ministry Grants 2020 are now due before 5pm on Monday 30 November, 2020. This has been extended by one week. Please be in contact if you have any questions.
Please note along with a completed form, we will also accept an email from your Church Council Chairperson endorsing your application, in lieu of their signature on the form.

The Intergen Team (Mission Resourcing) are inviting applications for grants to encourage and resource age specific and intergenerational ministries with children, youth and young adults to flourish as we move into 2021.

We hope this grant process will create opportunities for local ministries to be thinking ‘outside the box’ about how they are forming their young people to follow Jesus resiliently in everyday life and how they are looking to share the message of Jesus beyond their church with young people in the wider community that they belong to.

For more information about key criteria and the application process, please download the application form: https://sa.uca.org.au/documents/intergen-docs/resources/2020-Intergen-Ministry-Grant-Application-Form.pdf